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Athens International Symposium

The Athens International Symposium (AIS) was initially conceived with the vision to raise public awareness on issues of gastrointestinal cancer prevention in the general population.

With time however, we have expanded our initial goal to include dissemination of knowledge on the latest developments in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology as well as diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, keeping in mind an interdisciplinary approach.

The symposium now addresses not only gastroenterologists interested in being up-to-date with the latest developments, but also to general internal medicine practitioners, with a perspective on diagnosis, prevention and management at the primary care level.

The AIS is a two-day event with a threefold structure: Lectures, Case Presentations (Transmitted Live) and Hands-On Course with Experts on real tissue (pig) models.

It takes place in Athens, Greece every other year and brings together the highest caliber of International Faculty of experts.

Its novel interdisciplinary informative approach towards the latest developments on diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic endoscopic techniques has been positively embraced and welcomed by the international medical community, as testified by its exponential growth in attendee participation and range of scope.

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Endolive Roma | 17-18-19 MAY 2017