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Athens International Symposium

The Athens International Symposium (AIS) was initially conceived with the vision to raise public awareness on issues of gastrointestinal cancer prevention in the general population.

With time however, we have expanded our initial goal to include dissemination of knowledge on the latest developments in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology as well as diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, keeping in mind an interdisciplinary approach.

The symposium now addresses not only gastroenterologists interested in being up-to-date with the latest developments, but also to general internal medicine practitioners, with a perspective on diagnosis, prevention and management at the primary care level.

The AIS is a two-day event with a threefold structure: Lectures, Case Presentations (Transmitted Live) and Hands-On Course with Experts on real tissue (pig) models.

It takes place in Athens, Greece every other year and brings together the highest caliber of International Faculty of experts.

Its novel interdisciplinary informative approach towards the latest developments on diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic endoscopic techniques has been positively embraced and welcomed by the international medical community, as testified by its exponential growth in attendee participation and range of scope.


Nib Soehendra, MD, Prof.

My sincere congratulations on the great success of your Symposium!

Lars Aabakken, MD, Prof.

Thanks John – Impeccable organization and great atmosphere!!!

Jerome D. Waye, MD, Prof.

A conference – powerhouse in Greece that should draw audiences of thousands!!!
Keep up the great work.

Stefan Seewald, MD, Prof.

Congratulations!!! Another outstanding meeting. 
Everything was perfect. You brought the whole world to Athens.

Peter Siersema, MD, Prof.

It was a great pleasure to participate in this international meeting.
The organization, topic selection and faculty, were of an outstanding quality. A big applause for a superb job!

Horst Neuhaus, MD, Prof.

First of all I would like to congratulate you and your outstanding and very kind team to the great success of the conference.
It was a great pleasure to participate and to meet you, other friends and many delegates.

Thierry Ponchon, MD, Prof.

This was a great meeting, with very friendly moments.
Once again congratulations and thank you.

Hu Bing, MD, Prof.

It is a successful meeting!
Many famous experts on gastroenterology and endoscopy gathered in Athens, giving out a great deal of information from which I quite benefited.
Looking forward to meet you all in the future, and I would like to attend the Athens International Symposium 2018 if invited!

Juergen Hochberger, MD, Prof.

Thank you again for the wonderful conference you organized and your warm hospitality!
Congratulations for the immense success of the conference and professionalism!

Costamagna Guido, MD, Prof.

Many congratulations for the great success of the Athens International Symposium!
Thank you very much for your kind super-hospitality!

Nageshwar Reddy, MD, Prof.

An outstanding conference! 
Wonderful organization and hospitality.

Philip Chiu, MD, Prof.

Thank you very much for your kind invitation.
I enjoyed my stay and participation of this prestigious meeting!

Amy Cai, MD, Prof.

Thank you very much for your kind invitation.
It was a great honor to be the youngest among your faculty members.

Prateek Sharma, MD, Prof.

The symposium was very well organized and had your personal touch!!
Congratulations on another successful meeting!

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