Prof. Nib Soehendra, Hamburg, Germany

Presidential Lecture

"The contribution live courses have made in the advancement of gastrointestinal endoscopy."

Saturday, 9th July

Meeting Room A


Colon ESD - N. Yahagi
Early Morning with the Japanese Experts on ESD

Colon PolypectomyJ. D. Waye
Early Morning with the Experts on Polypectomy/EMR

Selecting submucosal UGI lesions for ultrasound referral
M. Giovannini

Tips and tricks for successful and uneventful ampulectomy.
Th. Roesch

Full thickness endoscopic resection for UGI sub-epithelial tumors
P. Zhou

Small bowel polypectomy
H. Yamamoto

An endoscopic journey to the large bowel
J. D. Waye

Barrett’s esophagus ablation: HALO, APC or Cryotherapy?
P. Sharma

POEM for the treatment of achalasia: Is it mainstream?
S. Stavropoulos

Endoscopic tunneling technique for treatment of giant esophageal diverticula.
B. Hu

Meeting Room B

Internists & General Practitioners

Is it only diareah or inflammatory bowel disease?
L. Aabaken

Management of iron deficiency anemia
D. Coumaros

Family history & GI Cancer
Th. Ponchon

Lower GI Bleeding
H. Messmann

Recognition & Management of liver disease in primary care
G. Papatheodoridis

Recognition & Management of obstructive jaundice
S. Stavropoulos

Early detection of pancreatic cancer. Is it possible?
M Giovannini

Epidemiology and prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma.
G. Papatheodoridis

Barrett’s Esophagus & Esophageal Carcinoma
P. Sharma

Alarm UGI Symptoms: Recognize & Manage.
Th. Roesch

How to diagnose esophageal and extraesophageal symptoms of GERD
N. Reddy

Management of Upper GI Bleeding
Ph. Chiou